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June 14, 2016

Part II.

If you haven’t check out part I, please check it out! Well this is the big day and Joti & George looked stunning. This is my first wedding that was completely shot in Detroit. I am humbled & excited to know that there are a lot of cool locations here. I wouldn’t mind shooting here more often and to get to know the City a bit more. Nonetheless, Joti & George’s wedding was awesome and they were such a cute couple.

Thank you Joti & George for letting us capture your precious moments and best wishes to you guys!

I was assisted my good friend, Mouazam Malik for the second shoot and check out his Facebook page for their e-session shoot.
Videographer: Killer Creations

June 14, 2016

Part I.

One of the best parts I enjoy about shooting weddings and e-sessions are that I get a chance to see different traditions and cultures celebrating love. Joti and George’s pre wedding & post wedding festivities were a fusion of Nigerian and Indian traditions.  This was my first time attending a Nigerian celebration and I enjoyed my time as well as learned a bit of their traditions.

Joti & George are a wonderful and sweet couple. Their love & affection towards each other were obvious even from my limited interactions. I have shared their pre wedding celebrations in this post and have included their wedding celebrations here.