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September 15, 2013

Most of my clients end up being good friends of mine or my wife’s 🙂 Belda is one of my wife’s  good friends and she always hinted that when she would get engaged that she would want me to photograph her special day. I thought she was being polite but turns out that she was really interested. Well I was excited to shoot her engagement as well as their e-session.

This was my first time attending a malayalee Catholic engagement and it’s always nice to see how other denominations conduct their ceremonies. This is one of my favorite parts of shooting weddings. I get to see different practices and customs and makes it very interesting. Their engagement reminded of a mini wedding. My wife, our little one Isaac, and I had a great time at their ceremony and we look forward to going to their marriage. Congratulations to you Belda + Sanju!

Belda and Sanju, I  hope these pics remind of your special day in August.