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January 15, 2014

I have been wanting to do a photoshoot for quite sometime partly to improve my shooting style as well as to explore the Kodak and Fuji medium format film. I have also been wanting to do a film vs. digital shoot for quite sometime and finally everything came into place. So to do this shoot, I needed a model and that’s where Alex came into play. I work with Alex and she was happy to be my wonderful model.

So the first three frames are digital and rest of them are all film. I got a chance to use my Mamiya medium format camera for this fun shoot. Its not all the time I bust the 15 lb camera out so I was really excited to use it on this shoot. From this gear its becoming very obvious that film hasn’t lost its edge.

Location scouting is always a great challenge when you are new to the area but I think this setting worked out well. These pictures were on par with my digital pics and I enjoyed the fact that I was able to keep all my film shots. When you shoot film it forces you think hard because each click costs $$$ and you can’t review your LCD.  Props to Indiefilmlab for processing/scanning the roll.

I hope to do more of these shoots to broaden my skill set as well to use all the gear that I have at my disposal. I love shooting medium format and it has a certain character than 35mm cameras just don’t match.  Thank you Alex for being such a great model. Hope you all enjoyed the set.

January 20, 2013

Well we are definitely one day closer before Isaac gets here and we are very excited. We got the baby shower done and all we have left is to patiently wait for the big day. Its a good thing that I have a few more weeks left because I am still wrapping up a few more things for his room. Never been to a baby shower in the past so this was definitely a new experience. I wonder why they don’t have a baby shower for the dads, lol? After all they do have a bachelor and bachelorette party. We are very happy to see people come out and visit us.  We also understand not everybody can come out all the way to Montgomery 🙂 Well with baby shower all over now its back to work and a shorter wait. I hope you all keep us in your prayers and wish our little one the best 🙂