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September 15, 2013

Sanju lives in NY, Belda in SC and myself in AL. As you can imagine finding a good time that works for everyone can sometimes be challenging. So at my request the day after their engagement we headed out to Peachtree Park in Atlanta @ 7AM. Sanju was thrilled about getting ready by 7AM after only getting a few hours of sleep; just kidding. It’s funny the things that we do for the person we love. Sanju was tired but toughed it out for Belda 🙂 Even though we all managed to only get a few hours of sleep we headed up in the quiet Sunday morning to Atlanta.

For those familiar with Peacthree Park its similar to Central Park in NYC. However I prefer Central Park for its history and free entertainment. I hope you guys remember this day in addition to your engagement and hope it was worth the early ride.