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April 12, 2012

It has been a very long time since I blogged about anything that I almost forgot my password to log into my site. The achens {priests} in the Mar Thoma church as some of you are aware move around every 3 years. I can’t imagine moving to a new place every three years. I have already done my fair sharing of moving from DTW to ATL to  MGM and its NOT fun. Jai Achen and family are moving from Atlanta back to Kerala, India. I thank God for their devotion and commitment to get up and move around every 3 years. I wanted to give a special gift that they can always look back and remember their years while in ATL. So what’s better than pics, after all pictures say more than 1000 words, right?. I asked if Achen and family would be willing for a session at the parsonage and they were very excited!

I started off with a good cup of hot chai [tea] and you can see the rest below.

On another note, some people have asked me why I shoot with film. Isn’t that the past? Well shooting film was a personal choice of mine. Both mediums [film+digital] have their own pros and cons. Digital is easier, convenient, faster and cheaper in the long run if you take lots of shots. Film camera bodies are about 9x cheaper than digital, less time spent in photoshop/lightroom, you tend to keep more pics, and it just looks better :). You tend to keep more pics??? What do you mean? Well when you shoot with film you SLOW down because you know each click is going to cost some $$$.  This helps you to be a better photog because you THINK before you SNAP which means less time spent in PHOTOSHOP fixing those OOPS.

I got into film and am continuously learning because of Jonathan Canlas and many others. Recently he launched a book on how to shoot film and is a really good source for those who want to get into film. You can get it here.

All my scans were developed and scanned by Indiefilmlab  and these guys are good at what they do!! Even better since I live 2 min from them!

Technical Info: Frames [1-11] Mamiya RZ Pro II shot on Portra 160
[12-20] Nikon D700
[21-23] Nikon F100 on Portra 400 {23 on rt}